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I did a little overview post of last seasons London Fashion Week as I was only there for one day, as I was posting around four times a day this fashion week I also Vlogged across the five days so I thought I'd pop that in here along with a few random bits and pieces of images that didn't make their own posts. I hope you enjoy the vlog! Don't forget to subscribe and like it if you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


So after living on a diet of mainly Propercorn, Vitacoco water, and burgers and not forgetting M&S food to go as my dinner on the way home (It got random) I took myself off to Aubaine in Selfridges on Saturday night after not eating properly for two days and starting to feel delirious and ravenous. After five days however and not visiting Laduree during fashion week which I have now decided is tradition by the way I missed Jodie a lot though! She will be coming with me in February. 
FOOD 5/5
I have wanted to try the mini burgers since I saw them in the Laduree on the Champs Eleeseys, the beef was delicious but I had them without the gherkins and capers because (just no). For dessert I had a gorgeous religieuse which I have never tried before as I love Isaphan but this beautiful pink ice bun type choux pastry delight is simply delightful with raspberries inside too. 
The drink at Laduree gets full marks purely because of the rose tea which is my favourite I sipped on this whilst I was enjoying my Reluigese.
MENU 4/5
Beautiful from start to finish, I had the beef mini burgers but the club sandwich is delicious too! The only shame on this visit that because it was later on in the day and they had been busy, there was not many pastries left but it did mean I discovered a new favourite so I definitely can't complain. 
Laduree is a popular French restaurant and famous for their macaroons so the food isn't cheap but it's not that expensive to me it is around £6 for a beautiful pastry and £20 for the burgers but when you consider the quality, how beautiful it is and the craftmanship that goes into the pastries I'm more than happy to pay what they charge.
As I visited in the evening there was lots of seats however I have been before and had to wait, luckily they have lots of seating outside on the courtyard too however my favourite place to sit is upstairs on the balcony overlooking Covent Garden and watching the entertainers.
Laduree is just perfect to me, so beautiful very French chic however the original Laduree on the Champs Eleeseys tea room is my favourite with the curtains beautiful room, I still love the Covent Garden one and I love the buzz of sitting outside on the balcony. 
WI-FI 4/5

I'll give this a four as I connected to the O2 free Wi-Fi service. I'm not on O2 however anyone can use it which I really liked!

Laduree is definitely my most favourite restaurant, if you want to make me happy take me there and I will love you forever..



The fifth and final day of London Fashion Week and the last outfit, this grey maxi wasn't my orginal planned outfit however I wasn't feeling the original outfit this morning as it was my least favourite of thr five so I looked through my dresses and picked out this River Island number, I often go for clothes that cover up my figure just because I personally prefer looser clothing to skimpy tight numbers but I do get so many compliments when I show it off so maybe it should make an appearance more often. I know Phil will like this as he always says I don't show it off enough! 

I had one presentation today, I did have more planned however trains are not my friend! Next season I'm staying in London I hate travelling for two and a half hours there and back, it is not fun at all! 

Till next season, fashion week!

Dress River Island Boots Zara |Sunglasses H&M | Bracelet Thomas Sabo | Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs 



Le Photographe was my favourite presentation of the day, the main colour pallette included monochrome and a gorgeous fuschia pink and you know that is my colour scheme so I loved it.

The collection is luxurious and includes gorgeous embroidery, weaving and embellishment techniques with modern tailoring. I loved the feminine use of florals throughout the collection and the mannequins just bought another level to the pieces. 

I loved how the overall collection was grouped into three mini stories, my favourite pieces being the gorgeous pink jacket with the weaved lapel and the white skirt with floral curve detail and not forgetting the gorgeous black jacket with beatiful floral beading and embellishment on the chest. 



To be honest at first when I walked into the Christian Cowan Sanulis presentation I was a bit shocked as the first things I saw was the straw bikini with 100 dollar bills sticking out and the blue glittery chaps with cow print bustier. It wasn't till I started to walk around and capture the details in the millinery, jewellery and footwear that there were some pieces that I loved.

The collection is based on the 1993 sitcom The Beverley Hillbillies, of course I didn't see it as I was in a nappy however a family become very wealthy after discovering oil on ther land and then re-locate to Beverley Hills and Christian visualises this. 

I loved the gold wheat hats and jewellery, my favourite piece was the straw sack outfit with beautiful brown glitter branding. What I also loved about this outfit is the gorgeous Jeffery Campbell brouges with metallic detailing. 

I have only captured my favourite pieces of the collection, if you wish to see the rest of the collection some of it will be on my article on the Clothes Maiden and I have seen other pieces on twitter and in other articles 

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